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From Where I Sit...

Insights, community news, and updates from Jason Moss, our Executive Director

  • Jason Moss

    Executive Director of the Jewish Federation

Coming Together

Finding Joy and hope in the time of COVID-19

When our world was turned upside down back in March, my staff and I started discussing what we could do to help our community. Having lived through many crises in Israel, Kim Banaji shared with me one of her most memorable images. It seems that d…

This too shall pass

I am continually amazed at the interconnectedness of our world. This feeling of interconnectedness has really only existed, in my mind, for the last 20-25 years. Before that time, we were not as intimately aware of what was transpiring on the other side of our planet, nor do I think many of …

Celebrating Excellence

Recognizing All the Amazing Women in Our Lives

As you may be aware… one of my favorite days of the year is National Doughnut Day. This “day” was established long before any of the other days like National Talk Like a Pirate Day or National Pizza Day. And I am pretty sure it even pre-d…


It’s more than just the coins we collect in a blue box.

A couple of years ago I was having breakfast with a donor. During our conversation, we were discussing the Jewish community as a whole and he expressed his belief that until Jews start learning what tzedakah is really about, how it i…

Coming Together...taking time to pause, remember, honor and heal

Every Person Has a Name_1.26.19_Volunteer Readers

Taking time to pause, remember, honor and heal 

One of my favorite Hebrew words might surprise you. It is not Shalom (peace or wholeness) or Ahava (love), but rather it is Zachor (remember). This powerful word helps us appreciate who we are today and connects us to our past, while at the s…